The best drugs to strengthen the nerves in pharmacies


Many people wonder about the best drugs to strengthen the nerves, as the drugs to strengthen the nerves are among the most common drugs in the elderly because neuropathy is caused by excessive nervous pressure or diabetic neuropathy.

And neurasthenia is classified according to the type of nerve and the location of the affected nerve and thus results in the diseases that cause it.

What are the best drugs to strengthen the nerves?

The best medicine to strengthen the nerves

Through the Motkhlefoon website , we will learn about the best drugs to strengthen the nerves, as there are many drugs that can strengthen the nerves effectively and safely, the most famous of which are the following:

Nurofen medicine

This type of medicine is considered one of the best medicines to strengthen the nerves and the most famous medicine used to strengthen the nerves and treat the following diseases:

Joint pain relievers.
Strengthening the nerves by relieving all symptoms of arthritis (such as joint pain and joint stiffness).
Rheumatoid arthritis treatment.
It is also considered an analgesic to relieve all pains in the body, such as dental pain, abdominal pain, and menstrual pain.
This medicine is available as 500 mg and 500 mg tablets.

Methicobal medicine

This medicine is considered one of the best medicines to strengthen the nerves and one of the most famous medicines to strengthen the nerves, especially for the nervous limbs, because it contains a high percentage of vitamin B12. This medicine can treat the following problems:

Cancer protector.
This medicine helps with growth.
Treatment of all peripheral nerves caused by diabetes, vitiligo, limb numbness and intestinal infections.
Treats asthma.
Pneumonia treatment.
Methicobal is available in 500 mg.
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Deltavit B 12

It is considered an effective and safe drug that can strengthen the nerves because it contains the essential vitamin B12, because this vitamin can treat the following diseases:

This drug nourishes the nervous system.
It also nourishes all neurons.
Assembly of all nuclear proteins.
It also makes bone marrow.
Red blood cell synthesis.
Protect the body from the effects of anemia.
Activate the body.
Neuropathy treatment.
It also treats diseases that make patients feel pain.
Treats tongue infections.
It can also treat poor memory.
This medicine can treat stress and general fatigue.
It is used as an adjunct to osteoporosis medications.

Terra Lipsi medication

The drug is used in the treatment of many problems, which are represented in the following points:

Nerve strengthening.
Epilepsy drugs.
Calms all nervous spasms.
Adolescent epilepsy treatment.
He also treats stressed patients.
Muscle concussion treatment.
Terra Lipsi is available in tablet form.
Depakine medicine
Depakine is the best medicine to strengthen the nerves, and it is one of the well-known medicines to treat and strengthen the nerves, because it contains valproic acid, which has the following functions:

Relieves nerve pain.
Control all seizures.
It also treats nervous spasms.
Treat depression.
This medicine is available as tablets for adults or as a syrup for children.
Other medicines used to strengthen the nerves .
Other medicines used to strengthen the nerves
Picozyme injection.
Milga tablets.
Neurimax capsules.
Primalif capsules.
Brigden Apex.

Vitamins to strengthen nerves and muscles

Vitamins are important elements for strengthening nerves and muscles and maintaining the body and nervous system. The most prominent of these vitamins are:

Vitamin B12.
Vitamin B1.
Vitamin B2.
Vitamin B6.
Vitamin B3.
Omega 3.
Lipoic acid.
Vitamin D.
Vitamin E
Vitamin A.
Vitamin C.
Nerve strengthening drinks
If you do not want to take medicines that help strengthen the nerves, there is a large category of drinks that have the same effects as medicines in strengthening the nerves and reducing convulsions, and the best drinks are as follows:

Green tea drink.
Cranberry juice.
Boiled mint drink.
Apple juice.
Licorice drink is made from water.
Boiled chamomile syrup.
Pineapple juice.
Ginger tea drink.
Turmeric drink.
Strawberry juice.
Bay leaf tea.
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Best injections to strengthen the nerves
The best medicine to strengthen the nerves
The doctor prescribes several types of injections to strengthen the nerves, and the best of them are:

Vitamin B injections are considered one of the best injections to strengthen the nerves because these injections contain vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6.
These injections are used to treat neuritis caused by alcoholism, neuropathy caused by diabetes, and pain caused by the spine.

For the treatment of pain caused by the spine, it can also treat chronic beriberi and improve the function of the nervous system.

And vitamin D injections. These injections help in strengthening the nerves, but you should consult a doctor before taking them because they have some side effects, which are as follows: coughing, insomnia, itching of the skin and difficulty swallowing.
And also increased sweating, a feeling of high temperature, stiffness of the eyelids and respiratory problems.
Depovit injection Depovit injection is one of the most important injections as it strengthens the nerves and treats anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency because it contains hydroxycobalamin, which is a form of vitamin B12.
Herbs that help treat nerve and muscle relaxation
You can use certain types of natural herbs to treat nerve and muscle relaxation, and the most important natural herbs that have the same effectiveness as previous drugs are:

Foti is one of the most important Chinese herbal medicine. It strengthens muscles and nerves and helps build muscle faster.
Chamomile is one of the herbs that are useful for muscles and nerves, because it contains 36 types of flavonoids that treat nerve infections.

Ginseng root tea is one of the most important natural stimulants that help strengthen muscles, provide the body with the necessary energy and reduce fatigue.

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