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Facebook – Understanding The News Feed


Facebook, like everything else, changes its settings and features all the time. Just when we have gotten used to the way it was, they update something and it changes everything. Let’s face it: you need to remain flexible.

News Feed changes

In one of the latest updates, Facebook has changed the way your News Feed is displayed. The News Feed is what you can find in the center column when you click on the ‘Home’ link on the top navigation bar of your Facebook screen. This is where your friends’ (the people and pages you follow) news is being displayed.

In the past they were posted in chronological order, according to the time they were put on. In the current version you will see two choices on top, next to ‘News Feed’ where you can choose to either see the ‘Top News’ or the ‘Most Recent’ news.

Difference between Top News and Most Recent

The Top News links allows you to see the most interacted with content of your friends. How this is generated is not fully known and Facebook uses some form of algorithm to generate whatever is deemed to be most interesting. The Most Recent filters the posts and actions of your friends according to the time they were posted.

How to hide posts or friends

Sometimes you might get tired with the posts of certain application, like for example Farmville, or with the posts of certain friends. You have the choice to hide either an application or all the posts of a specific friend. You can do this by clicking on the x that appears in the top right corner of a post when you roll your cursor over it. Once you click there, you’ll get the option to either ‘Hide this post’ or ‘Hide all by [name of your friend or the application]’. To control how many friends are showing up in your News Feed click on the ‘Edit Options’ link that will appear on the bottom of your News Feed in the blue bar next the ‘Older Posts’.

Not everyone is showing up in my News Feed!

Facebook displays the posts of friends that you have interacted with recently. To control who’s post you can see you need to edit your general preferences for posts. When you click on ‘Most Recent’ you will see a small blue downwards-facing arrow appear right next to it. When you click on it you have the options to choose what you want to see as your Most Recent news. You can choose between Most Recent, which displays anything from status updates, photos, activities etc., to Status Updates, Photos, Links and Pages. Below the line, which appears if you have created Friend Lists, you will be able to choose the updates of a certain list of your friends. If you click on ‘Edit Options’ you can control which specific people and application you have previously hidden and ‘un-hide’ them again, once you’re ready to see their updates again.

Give it a try!

Nathalie Himmelrich brings technology closer to you – learn how to use social networks efficiently and easily.
Nathalie is working as a mentor and coach one-on-one and in groups to support clients in their personal growth and on using technology.

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